Balboa HydroAir Genesis G70 luftblåsare 950W med värmare

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The HydroAir hot air blower is used in several brands of portable hot tub, and is a suitable replacement part for almost any spa. It is a 900W blower with a 250W air heater.

If your old blower died because water got into it then check that the one-way valve on the air line is working correctly before installing a new one!

Length: 275 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 180 mm

Blower: 900W
Heater: 250W

The blower comes with a union for 32 mm pipe. You can also choose a 1-inch pipe union.
You do not need to glue the pipe to the blower. You can simply plug it in, or add a screw to hold it in place if necessary.

Air flow rate
See the performance curve on this page.

Cable and plug
The blower is supplied pre-cabled without plug