Balboa HydroAir Genesis G50 luftblåsare 500W 3spd för styr knapp

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The Genesis G50-2ANT-S from HydroAir is a pneumatic 3-speed blower with variable massage mode and automatic dry-out of air system. To be used with one standard pneumatic button.

It is suitable for most portable spas. It is pre-equipped with a pneumatic switch and pneumatic hose, and to which you can connect an air button.

To prevent water from flooding the blower, the air pipe between the blower and the spa must include a loop that passes over the water level, and one or two check valves. If water has entered your old blower, be sure to check the check valve and replace it if necessary. The most suitable valve for this blower would normally be a 1″ air check valve.

Length: 275 mm
Width: 150 mm
Height: 190 mm

The blower comes with a union for 32 mm pipe. You can also choose a 1-inch pipe union.
You do not need to glue the pipe to the blower. You can simply plug it in, or add a screw to hold it in place if necessary.

Cable and plug
The blower is supplied pre-cabled without plug.

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