Balboa Ultrazo3ne Sanitation system

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Balboa’s new Ultrazone compact ozonator replaces the CD Cartridge (Corona Discharge) model, which is no longer marketed by the brand.

The Ultrazone is designed and tested specially for spa and bath applications. It disinfects water by killing viruses and biological contaminants, and reduces the use of chemical levels which means reducing the discomfort of skin and eye irritations.

This ozonator is designed for all portable spas with a water volume of less than 3700 litres, but we mainly recommend it for spas having in between 800 and 2000 litres.

It comes with an installation guide, a hose (to connect the ozonator to the ozone injector) and a check valve. The ozone injector is not part of this kit because it is intended to replace an existing ozonator. You will then be able to use your old injector. If this is not the case, injectors are available on our website (do not hesitate to contact us for more advice). A LED indicates ozone production.

It also comes with a 4-pin AMP connector.

Replacing an ozonator is a very quick job if the hot tub is already equipped with an ozone injector. It is much, much more difficult if there was not an ozonator already installed, or if the ozonator was of a type that doesn’t use a separate injector.

Technical specifications
Ozone production: 30-50 mg/hour
Dimensions: 79 x 69 x 35 mm (box only)
Width x height: 111 x 100 mm (including fasteners)
Current: 0.3 A

Expect a lifespan of 11 months for a 24-hour use, 16 months if the ozonator is used 2 x 8 hours per day, and about 5 years if it is used 2 x 2 hours per day. The lifetime of the device varies according to the environment and the way it is used. The lifespan of an ozone generator depends particularly on the number of hours of continuous operation, but also on factors such as humidity, dust, the number of people using the spa.