Balboa LED knapp för pump, luftblåsare eller lampa

995.00 kr


This stainless steel button can be used as an on/off control for a hot tub pump, blower or light, for example. It is a non-latching switch, which means that the contact is closed only while you are pressing the button, and it must therefore be hooked up to a timer relay to turn equipment on and off. The Balboa Classic Line systems have built-in timers and are designed to work with these buttons, but you can also use other systems.

The button is available with a choice of icons in the middle (see the photos), surrounded by a ring that lights up in blue. If you connect the button to a Classic Line box, then the blue ring will light up when the corresponding equipment is turned on.

The button comes with a cable measuring approximately 150 cm, an o-ring and a nut to fix it in place.

Electrical specifications
Voltage: 3-6V
Maximum current (for the LED): 15 mA
Water resistance: IPX7 on the button side, IPX5 underneath
Operational temperature range: -20 to 70°C

Button diameter: 22 mm
Diameter of the hole to drill in the spa rim: 19 mm
Button total length: 65 mm
Cable length: 150 cm