Balboa Kretskort BP2100 G1

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This is the printed circuit board for the Balboa BP2100 G1 control system. It can manage the following equipment.

  • A 3 kW heater
  • A circulation pump
  • Up to 3 single or two-speed pumps (one of them will be plugged into the expansion card – see below)
  • A blower
  • An ozonator
  • The lighting system
  • The audio system

The complete control system also contains an X-P332C expansion card, which operates pump 2 or 3, depending on the configuration that you select. Purchase this expansion card separately, if you need to replace it too.

Balboa has recently changed the configuration of its BP2100 PCB, with sockets in different locations. The two versions are fully compatible with one another, but the equipment plugs into different locations, and you need to pay special attention if you are using a three-phase electrical connection, as the wiring is different depending on which version you have.

This board is only compatible with Balboa’s plastic casings, and it will not fit the old metal ones.

Part numbers
Balboa : 56391-04