Waterway Super Hi-Flo insug / suction 2 inch

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This Waterway Super Hi-Flo suction fitting is rated for a flow of 680 litres per minute (180 GPM). Like all modern suction fittings, it is equipped with with an anti-vortex grille. It connects to a 2-inch pipe.

It is designed to be mounted on the wall of the spa, not the floor.

The suction fitting is supplied with a fixing nut and a gasket, to be installed on the inside surface of the spa. An L-shaped gasket is also available, where the gasket has an inner lip that extends partially through the hole in the shell, although this gasket is not supplied with the suction.

Outside diameter of the face: 132 mm
Drill diameter : 83 mm
Inside diameter of the connection: 60 mm, for 2-inch pipe

Maximum flow rate
680 litres/minute
40 m³/hour or 180 GPM

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