Balboa Spa Touch 3

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Third generation of Balboa’s 100% touchscreens, the spaTouch 3 is a colour keyboard compatible with the BP series of control systems that already support the TP800 and/or the TP900: BP200 G1, G2 et G3, BP200 UX, BP600, BP601 3G1, 3G2 and 3G3, and BP2100 G1, G2 and G3.

If this panel is used with a system that supports only the TP400 model T or model W and/or the TP600, many screens will work correctly, and the spa screen will try to display all of your equipments, but in some cases it may not display correctly.

The spaTouch 3 is impervious to environmental conditions such as water splashes, and therefore will remain responsive in tough environments, and its screen display is 2x brighter than the spaTouch 2. Its 5″ touch screen has a new user interface to make navigation easier and more fluid. The touchscreen also incorporates the latest touch technology with capacitive touch.




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